Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chameleonetta's Forms

I can see you looking confused, read the post below and I promise it will explain everything :D
These are what I expect Chameleonetta's different forms to look like when she visits the different Realms of her island. Enjoy!

1. Sky Realm: Chameleonetta is most at home in the clouds, and she is also at her most powerful as she soars through the skies. She travels around on a small cloud and has (though you can't see them in this drawing because they're folded up on her back) small angel wings.

2. Forest Realm: Chameleonetta is weary of the forest realm, and seeing as she needs to also be at her most camouflaged here, she sprouts small trees on her head to hide her from predators. Her legs sometimes develop into moving roots that behave like tentacles to move her around.

3. Ice Realm: Chameleonetta will leave a trail of snowflakes as she moves through the ice realm, and when she reaches the lake her icicles will melt and she will take on a lighter-coloured version of her underwater self (form number 4, below this one).

4. Underwater Realm: Chameleonetta is perhaps at her most secretive in the cool depths of the ocean, yet also at her most mobile. She develops a mermaid tail to replace her legs, and this allows her to swim around the sea floor with the greatest of ease.

5. Volcano Realm: The smallest realm on the island, Chameleonetta does not often need to visit the towering, fiery inferno of the volcano that often. She find the heat uncomfortable, and it makes her angry. When this happens, her hood will catch fire and she will leave a trail of lava as she walks.

6. This is Chameleonetta's natural, neutral form. She will take this form only when she feels at her safest, or when she is sleeping. This is because she has acute hearing and the only slightest threatening noise will wake her. She does not need to sleep, as she is not effected by tiredness or fatigue; She simply does so to experience dreams.

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