Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kade Bartlett of the Watch-Breakers M.C.

Another character concept for my hoverbike manga! I don't want to reveal too much about the actual story and although I'll be doing loads more of these I don't know if I'll be able to upload them or not just for spoilers sake.
What I can reveal is that these guys are the "Bad guys". I only say "Bad guys" like that because they aren't going to be any clear cut sides throughout the manga, I want it to be more of a 'pick your own side' kinda deal, where both sides are fighting for what they think is right but you, the reader, choose what YOU think is the most worthy cause and pine for that side.
All the information you need for this guy is on the actual picture, and any extra information won't be revealed at present. Think of Kade as the evilest of the good guy, if that makes any sense.
The colours went a bit weird during the scan but it looks good because the orange was quite a bit brighter and all the different colours started to clash a little bit. Enjoy, and I'm working on another one today from the same faction so look out for him/her in the next few days!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Manga Kester '14

Would have put this one with my 'Mid-GCSEs Drawings' post, but I thought it deserved a post of its own.
Just so you guys get an idea of who I am, here's me in manga form! Again! I am so pleased with how this turned out, it's gotta be one of the best drawings I've ever done (all showing off aside, not in terms of how good it is but rather how proud I am of it). To give you some idea of how my drawing skills and I have changed, here's a link to the last time I did a drawing of myself all the way back in March 2013:
So I've changed just a little bit, that's for sure!
(Also, you probably didn't even notice but just in case you did, the red smudge on the hand isn't intentional. I stupidly brushed off a bit of red lead and smushed it into the page at the same time. Doh!)
Credit to Obvian ( and the guys over at for the awesome T-shirt I'm wearing here, 'Red Five'.

Hoverbike Manga: Overview

If you've seen two of the drawings in my last post, you'll know something about this.
After my exams are over, I won't have any distractions for about 10 weeks. This will be the longest period of free time I've ever had in my entire life, so I really want to do something worthwhile. I've enlisted the help of a close friend with creating a manga based on rival hoverbike gangs. This initially started out as a novel I was writing, but the plot got too convoluted along the way and the idea's kind of melted together a bit. So, I decided to simplify the storyline but turn it into a manga instead!
The initial sketches for ideas that I've finished are on the post below, and like I said, they are just initial concepts. It may not look anything like this when it reaches the final design stage and we start putting the manga together. That's pretty much all the background I can give you as I don't want to reveal any more of the storyline just yet in case someone else who's already finished all their exams steals the idea off me. An unlikely occurrence, but a precaution I want to take nonetheless. Thanks for your patience guys, and look forward to more information about this soon if I do some more concepts (for characters, bikes etc.)!

Mid-GCSEs Drawings

Hello there!
I'll keep the talking stuff in this post short and sweet. The reason I haven't been uploading much recently is because I've been focusing on my GCSEs and there now isn't enough time for me to properly sit down and draw something without neglecting my studies. I've got exams starting in literally 5 weeks so pressure is mounting as we speak. That said, I've managed to draw lots of little sketches and stuff to practice my skills and allow me to quickly learn some new techniques that I think are good enough to put on the blog, so here they are!

1. Life Drawing: Box of Tomatoes
The quality's pretty bad and I can tell you confidently that the drawing looks so much better in real life. This was the first time I tried out my lovely new colour pencils I got for Christmas, just to give you an idea of just how much I haven't been able to draw recently.

2. Hoverbike Manga Concepts
It's probably just as well that it came out blurry, because this is technically a sneak-peek. The less said about it the better. For now.

3. Manga Girl Sketch
This was a drawing of a friend I did, but along with following her request to draw her as a manga character, it also meant I learnt how to do hair AND eyes in one go! Pretty useful practice, and the drawing even looks good too.

4. Layla Michelle-Prince Manga Concept
Man, this is getting a bit obvious now. It looks like I'm going to have to make a separate post about this hoverbike manga I've got planned, because this is the first design for one of the main characters. Her head came out way too big but I like the initial look of her, especially the shoulder pauldron.

That's it for my mid-GCSEs drawings! I'll try and get some more done soon, and I have a few more that I'm doing on the computer that you guys haven't seen anything of yet. Look forward to seeing you guys soon, but it'll most likely be after my exams!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dunny Stylised: Work In Progress 21/2/14

So seeing as I posted the last update for this on Thursday last week, I might as well do them weekly until it's finished! So here it is, it's weird seeing this with so much more colour than last week, seems like such a short time ago (which it was!). Anyways, enjoy, and I'll probably finish it soon as you can tell by how fast I'm progressing with it. See ya soon!

Also, his shoes are totally the wrong colour, the actual Dunny figure I got the inspiration for this from doesn't wear anything other than the wood-looking soles so I had to make up the shoes myself.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dunny Stylised: Work In Progress

[See original drawing in post below] This thing is going SO well. I'm managing to get enough done in the few precious spare moments I have between GCSE revision and homework to stay on schedule to finish it in a reasonable amount of time. I love how it's turning out so far, the colour looks so crisp and clean compared to some of my older drawings and it's looking exactly how I wanted it to (which, if you've seen my Water Guardian post, you'll know is an incredibly rare thing for me and indeed most artists). Expect more updates soon, might do them weekly, fortnightly etc. but it doesn't look like it's gonna take that much longer to complete, so there may not be the need for any more. Enjoy!

Also, my Star Wars/Adventure Time mashup is still in progress. I'm working on it as best as I can but it's taking a longer time because it's much a much more complicated and detailed drawing. Ideally I could sit down for a few hours and just draw it and listen to music, but GCSEs really don't allow for free periods of time as long as that. I'll keep you guys posted!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dunny Stylised

So I popped down to my local cult entertainment megastore, Forbidden Planet, and I decided to buy a Dunny from the new Apocalypse series (all credit to the original Dunny below, therefore, goes to Huck Gee). I really liked the look of this when I opened up the box, so I sat down and drew him more stylised. I'm in the process of colouring this one, and it should be done soon because I've pretty much completely got the hang of my tablet now. More uploads as soon as possible!