Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dead End Announcement

What's up guys, this is an announcement for something BIG. And I know, in the past, I've been pretty shitty at putting out big projects and actually sticking to them. But now, after a long time and lots of trial and error (mostly error) I've finally found something that I truly enjoy doing.
For the next few months I will be working on a graphic novel entitled "Dead End". It's a zombie-pocalypse novel but it's not like any others that I've ever seen before. There are many different main characters who all have either medium or short length survivals on this zombie infested planet. For instance, Bella Spanner, a mechanic from Dorset, England, will have a relatively long chapter in the novel. But for another character, Corey Wade from New York, America, the chapter will be very short. In the end, I think I'll kill everyone off. You have to understand that this is because it is more of an art book than one with an actual meaningful storyline. Alright, I think that's everything!

I won't be uploading many full pages from the novel as I want to reveal as little as possible about it until I've finished it, but I will be uploading some artwork, character and weapon designs, and maybe (if you're lucky) some finished pages.

That's just about it, see ya!

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