Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lucifer: Fallen Angel V2

Here's a before and after comparison between my old Lucifer and my new one which I finished today! I got the idea to update him when I was drawing his head (he started off as a random manga character with a bandana) and I drew horns on him to see what he looked like. I decided against the horns but as after I rubbed the first one out, I realised he looked just like a better version of my first Lucifer. Thus, I decided to start work on a new and improved version to show off how much better I've gotten at drawing over the past year! Granted, I did swap the good and evil sides by mistake but that doesn't matter at all really.
    My brother asked me about half a year ago, about a month after I'd drawn my first Lucifer, if he could have a big version of it in a frame. I of course said "Yeah, sure! I'll see what I can do!" and planned to give it to him for his birthday. Instead, I think I'll surprise him with this much awesomer version!

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