Saturday, 25 May 2013

Angel Duo

I went and dug out these really old drawings that I'd done after something on the internet reminded me today of the good angel's wings. I was like "Oh man... Did I ever do a drawing with wings just like that?" but I couldn't for the life of me remember what the rest of him looked like, I could only remember the wings.
Now, for the Fallen Angel. I literally can't remember drawing this one, it's so weird. Like... I remember the finished result, like if someone said "Did you draw this?" I'd be like "Oh hell yeah", but I can't remember the actual start-to-finish process. I literally flipped out when I saw it and I just ran around my house shouting about how amazing it was and how angry I was that I hadn't uploaded it at the time. The purple sword and the red wings are so beastly, I'm pretty proud of myself right now.
Also, I find it really strange that I drew a Fallen Angel drawing so many years before my Lucifer drawings and just didn't even make the connection until now. Creepy...
Let me know what you think, and the reason they've got signatures on them is because I wrote them on a minute ago to avoid art theft or anything (I guess when I was younger it never occurred to me that people would steal my art so I never signed anything). Enjoy!

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