Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hey guys, I'm gonna be getting a capture card for Christmas so imma be uploading some gaming commentaries on my YouTube channel. In case you've forgotten where it is here's the link:

The reason I haven't done this sooner is because I only heard about capture cards after I'd got into most of my games, completed the campaigns, and got most of the achievements so starting a playthrough or achievement hunter videos would be pretty pointless. Also, I don't have Xbox Live, so the commentaries would just have had to been solo gameplay, which isn't as popular. But I like I said I'm getting a capture card for Christmas, and I am also getting about 6-8 new games (so I'll be able to start afresh with achievements and stuff) and finally I'm getting a gold subscription to Xbox Live. I am very happy about all of that... So come Christmas I will have lots of new games to start making fresh commentaries on!
I'm looking forward to making them, and I will have the latest Lego short out soon!

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