Monday, 17 January 2011

Looking Back... And an X2Q Drop 'Borg Transport (Sketch)

I have been looking back at my drawings lately and have realised how unsatisfied I am with them... I was drawing a modified version of my XZ6 Spider 'Borg today, which anyone who regularly follows my blog will have seen, and I was so unhappy with him I screwed him up and threw him at my teacher. Don't worry, it landed in the bin and I didn't get into any trouble. So yeah, anyway, I'm not happy with any of them anymore. If anyone reading this has been drawing for as long as I have been, you'll know what I'm talking about. So basically, thought I'd just tell you guys that If I haven't been putting up any drawings lately, It's because I'm slightly... You could say depressed. But... In a happy way. A sort of, blend of memories, happy and sad... So not depressed, lets say Brooding. That's a good word for something... hmm (I may or may not be giving you a hint as to a HUGE upcoming project I'm starting)... Anyway to keep you going here is a picture I drew a few days ago (I lied earlier in this post.I am completely happy with this guy).

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