Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pokemon Robot (as of 24/11/13)

So it's still not done but, as promised, I'll be uploading the progress every Sunday. I have a period where I'm not getting any homework because I'm meant to be revising for my mocks instead (and I will be doing that, it just doesn't take as long as normal homework does), so I'll be able to work on this much more. I think the fact that I haven't given up on this at all shows something, so I'm now really confident for making webcomics and whatnot after this because I know that I can be committed to seriously large projects over long periods of time. Either way, let me know what you think so far and uh... I pretty much only have to finish the "Pokemon" on the back of the body and do the Eevee on the arm, then it'll be done! Oh, and Vaporeon's frill, too. Woop!

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